Startup Scaleup at Gordon Square Offers Information for Budding Entrepreneurs

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June 3, 2015
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StartUp ScaleUp

Wed 6/17 @ 11AM – 8PM


Cleveland’s own JumpStart Inc. will be hosting its Startup Scaleup event at Gordon Square. Filled with industry experts sharing their business know-how, 29 lectures, panels and interactive discussions are scheduled take place at 14 walking-distance venues throughout the neighborhood including Sweet Moses, Capitol Theater, the Happy Dog, Near West Cafe, Near West Theatre, Luxe, Spice, Stone Mad Pub and Toast.


I had a chance to catch up with Sally Schriner, venture partner at JumpStart Inc., who is also one of the event’s speakers, and Amy Martin, head of marketing, to get a sense as what this event is all about.


Alex Sukhoy: Who should attend?


Sally Schriner: Small business owners, entrepreneurs, anyone with an idea or a dream of owning their own business so they can see all of the resources and thought capital available to them in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in northeast Ohio.


AS: What will they discover?


SS: It will depend on what sessions interest you and how you tailor your day around your entrepreneurial journey. There are so many great sessions planned, from crowdfunding to writing new business plans to meeting mentors to job fair. And even a chance to watch a pitch competition!


AS: What should folks come prepared with when attending?


SS: If you want to enter the pitch competition, make sure to download the application from the website and be prepared to pitch. Otherwise, come with your good questions to ask experts across the field of entrepreneurship.


AS: What is the ultimate goal?


SS: To bring the resources, though capital, finding organizations and people fostering entrepreneurship in Northeast Ohio together in one place to see the big picture of what’s available in our area to support your small business journey.


AS: Anything else?


SS: Register ahead of time and make sure you don’t miss the pitch events. There’s even a Tech Pint at the end of the day

at Happy Dog!


Onsite registration will be at the Gordon Square Arcade from 11am-3pm. Even if you register online, you must sign in at the Arcade to receive your program of events and your food and drink vouchers for the day. Registration is $10.

 Image: JumpStart Inc

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