The ’90s – My 20 Favorite Films: GoodFellas to The Matrix

The ’90s gave us one of the greatest cinematic explosions to date.

Not only did the decade perfect the scuz genre, but it also birthed its godfather: Quentin Tarantino.  It was also a tremendous time for international directors and the king of real women drama was (and still is) Pedro Almodóvar. My girl Madonna showed up on the big screen, frequently.

Characters had depth and mystery. This notion of nothing is what is seems became a prevalent theme, the surprise element crescendoing with a certain Hungarian assassin that stunned us all.

This list was almost impossible to compile and keep to only 20 titles. It will probably piss off a lot of people. (Not one Tom Hanks movie made it – I know, I know!) I bet I could triple this list and still keep going. What the ’80s did for me (and all us Gen Xers) for music, the ’90s cemented with movies.  In fact, sometimes – well, most times – I think relating to films is much easier than relating to reality.

When life got hard, sucked or was beyond recognition – kicking me into on-going states of depression – I didn’t do Prozak. I did movies.

And these are the films I watched. Over. And over. And over. Again.


Florida Bridge Sept 1996

This material is an excerpt from my new novella: The ’90s. Diary of a Mess, now available in Kindle edition!

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